Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cabbages - Offenham 2 and Greyhound

Crop of cabbage nicely growing in modules. 2 variaties here. Offenham 2 - Spring of flower and Greyhound. Both heirloom varieties. There are 84 modules here and most have a cabbage in (most). There is plenty here for what I want. These were planted on the 22nd Feb 2010 in a heated propagator and once they started to sprout were put in an unheated greenhouse.

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  1. Those cabbage just took off and looks so good! Yup, I think you'll have plenty for you and to share.

  2. thanks Tina for posting. I am keeping my fingers crossed, wont be long and they can go in the ground but they will need covering up with netting or the pigeons will murder them