Friday, 14 May 2010

Wisteria, Grapes - Boskoop Glory and Kiwi - Boskoop

I bought a wisteria plant last year from Lidl. It is doing very well even though it is still in the pot. I did buy it for the front of the house however I am having second thoughts now and thinking of putting a kiwi there instead. I need to ponder more and may be make a decision, there is no rush. So it may still be in pot next year waiting.

The Boskoop Glory is slowly growing, it is about 10inch now. I still think I am lucky it survived winter, I dont think there will be any grapes this year though

The Boskoop Kiwi plant is going bonkers and I am very happy it is growing so quickly. This plant might be planted at the front of the house or a cutting from it anyway

I have an Actinidia Arguta in a pot next to the Actinidia delicisosa Boskoop, this also has potential to be planted at the front of the house. The Arguta is frost hardy to some thing silly like -30 degrees C but early shoots can be killed off quickly by early frosts

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