Sunday, 13 June 2010

The bees are looking healthy

Had a quick peak at the bees this afternoon, there wasnt much activity at the entrance so I just took the top off. No fears.... lots of bees as you can see

I still dont know if I am queenless yet though. I will do a full inspection next Sunday I hope. weather allowing

My peas are growing very nicely but no flowers yet. These are a mange tout variety called "bijou"

The mint in tubs are growing very well to. This is a lime mint

I have I think 6 varieties on mint in tubs like this including catmint "nepeta racemose". grapefruit mint, apple mint, pineapple mint and eau de cologne mint

Weather report - sunny morning but very wet afternoon and evening, lots of rain, Wakefield, England


  1. Nice to see the Bees, I just love this. I have only one mint myself and it is the lemon mint

  2. they looked great when I lifted the top. lots of movement and I was happy to see that. I was a little nervous to see none at the entrance when I got there. I dont have a lemon mint, I am assuming it smells "lemoney"

  3. The lemon mint does actually a bit. I have yet to use it, but I will very soon. I am going to make mint ice-tea with it next week-end for a gathering here.
    O wow I would have thoughts of O No if that happened to me with the bees , Glad it turned out Okay. I hope you find the Queen next week

  4. the mint ice tea sounds great. can you share the recipe? I could be interested in trying that.

  5. make your normal tea as you would but add some mint leaves to it. Melt in a bit of honey to taste. Chill in the ice box till cold serve with ice.
    use about two leaves to what would make 8 oz of tea. I do the same with Bee Balm. Very refreshing.

  6. I will give that ago. Thanks Reg