Sunday, 6 June 2010

The chokes are coming and the grapes are growing

The Jersusalem artichokes are growing very quickly and must be 3ft plus maybe 4ft already. They seem to be jumping out of the ground. I have some more at my Fathers garden that are not as sheltered and they are not 12inch yet despite being in a much sunnier spot

I have some tomatoes in the greenhouse, this variety is Gardeners Delight, a cherry variety, I love cherry toms, they taste great and can be picked and eaten straight from the plant in summer, the variety in the background is one called latah, that is known for being very early, I usually grow latah and find it produces tomatoes many weeks before anything else is any where near ready

The grape vine is growing nicely. plenty of foliage on, some of the foliage I have nipped back. It has 4-5 bunches of grapes on to. I have cut some of the grape bunches down this week by nipping the ends off

Weather report - wet and raining all day in Wakefield, England

This is the third day I have been unable to access my garden forum.

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  1. Funny when I think of it. I live in the Niagara wine country and I rarely even see grapes close up. I do not have one but I think I really should. I just may go and buy one to-marrow and see what it will do. Yours are looking great