Saturday, 5 June 2010

Plums are plumming up

Been fairly busy in the garden today,  painting pots to get them looking a little tidy. If truth be known they all need painting but only 4 got done today. Couldnt find any green paint in the garage so they are now black

The fish in the half barrel keep making an appearance and appear to be doing very well. This is their third week in there, the algae is building up so I will soon be clearing some of that out

The plums are looking like real plums which is awesome. These two are on the Victoria plum tree. Cant wait to taste them although I did see a wasp taking interest at the same time as I me taking the photos


  1. I see your plumbs are at about the same stage as mine. I post one a couple of days ago, but mine are Japanese Burbank. I wish I had bought a Victorian as it would suit the garden style in name at least

  2. Those shots on your blog Reg are great, you really are very good with a camera and take some amazing pictures. I am sure the Burbank will do your proud. Victoria is only a name

  3. O for sure and the Burbank is wonderful. I would love to take the credit for the pictures but really it is the camera. I just aim and shoot!!!!! My camera cost as much as some peoples Cars!!!, but well worth the cost I think

  4. LOL. fair enough. Is it an SLR, I have an old EOS500 35mm but when digital came in, I couldnt warrant spending that kind of money so just went for a cheaper one. The shots I take on here are using a finepix s5600 from fujifilm. I find it is also a lot easier to take good shots with a digital, as you can lots, throw away the rubbish and just post the good ones. Some days I have taken 40plus shots just to get 3 or 4 I like.