Friday, 21 January 2011

Grape in the ground

Last weekend I finally planted my grape plant that had been in the greenhouse. It had been in a pot all Summer but it had been a lot of hard work watering it.

It had 2 stems growing out of the pot so I removed the pot and put the spade down the middle to split the plant in half. The smallest section went back in to the pot, visible in the bottom right hand corner of the picture with some more compost/soil mix. The larger plant went in to the ground. I had already dug a whole and broke it up at the bottom, I added a hand full of bone,blood and fish meal. It went in with no problem and then I filled in the spaces down the side with soil. The plants was already being trained down wires on either side. Fingers crossed for more grapes this year. this variety is unknown and was grown from seed by my uncle in the 70ies. I have a Boskoop Glory planted outside

My wiki on growing this grape during the Summer of 2010

This is a quick shot of a dead Achocha "Fat Baby" plant killed by frost. It produced well but did not grow as well as other years. I need to remove the plant to the compost heap

My wiki on growing Achocha Fat baby from seed

This a "Helens Welsh Siberian Bunching Onion". I grew it last year and it is like a spring onion and you pull it when ready but unlike spring onions as long as you leave one in the ground it will bunch up and grow more at the side of the original plant. Useful. I grew it in pots last year and it grew well but I never got round to trying it. It is already starting to grow again so hopefully some early salad. I will planting some in the ground though this year and I hope it will spread

This is the strawberry patch at around 5pm this evening, still frost on the ground. A very cold day.

The weather in Wakefield today is cold and dry.


  1. I really need to get myself a green house. I think this will be project for 2011. I see that you get good use of yours threw the posts

  2. I try. I hope I get even more use this year.