Sunday, 30 January 2011

Peach Pruning and Autumn Cherry chip bud grafts

The peach tree "Red Haven" has been stood outside in its 15 litre ex paint tub all Winter, it grew an awful lot in Summer after having only 1 flower on in Spring. It is the time of year for a prune, so it got the snip this afternoon. cutting away a lot of last years growth. I have also moved the tree in to the greenhouse because  peaches flower early and late frost can damage the flowers. I am hoping it will have more than 1 flower on this year and they will set and become fruit

In the Autumn, I did some chip bud grafting. This shot is the root stock with a bud grafted on. The graft variety was Stella, The root stock was home grown from a seed, thanks to the local supermarket. click here for some links on how to chip bid, This is today before taking off the tape. I know it has united because the bud is starting to break

Once the tape was removed, this is the greeting I got, a lovely looking union between host and graft.

A side shot. 


When I graft I clean the bark area with alcohol rub and the tape I use is florists tape. Both available from Ebay.

The weather in Wakefield today is cold and dry.


  1. This is awesome. I have never done a draft on my fruit trees. I think I will be inspired to do so in he spring now that I seen this.
    I am going to post for to-marrow pics of Halifax Nova, Scoti. Take a look. It sure is not Halifax, England. However we who lived here take pride that Queen Victoria's father(Duke of Kent) made it a great city.

  2. oops Halifax, Nova Scotia Canada

  3. I fully encourage have a go at grafting. it's fun and great to see a result like the above. I have done some others on apples trees at the same and about half of those have took. I want to get some more apples tree scions to graft on to my apple tree and turn it in to a cocktail tree. Best tip I can give you is to get some grafting tape or florists tape and a sharp knife

    I have looked at your Halifax pictures to, they are brilliant. a 20 metre drop must be fantastic to see. although the pier shot was very good at 10meters.

  4. there is a place called Minus Basin and for good reason. It is in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The tides have been known to drop as much as 23 meters on the perfect conditions. The entire bay will disappear completely. I took my kids there a few times and like me they could never get over how the entire ocean would be, just could be gone.
    When the tide turned and the ocean started coming back in there is a tidel bore that will be a wall of water up to 3 meters high that would come in at 100 km a hour. Nature can be so amazing at times.

  5. that must be an amazing sight to see Reg. 3m high tidal wave at 100kmph, I would perched very high up watching it though.