Friday, 4 February 2011

Flowers in the Kitchen, up close and personal

Our lass has just got her self some macro extensions for her camera. She said I could have a play so here are some close up shots of flowers on our window sill.

Keeping with the season, a bunch of tulips and daffodils bring lots of cheer to our kitchen
 This is the tulip I wanted to zoom in on

This is a close up shot of the "anther" , I am very impressed with the detail

Next I got a little closer to a daffodil

Not such a good shot but not bad, the stigma

This shot is the petal

This last shot is the bottom of an apple. In the for is parts of the calyx and stamen and in the background is the skin of the apple.

In the Summer I want to take a few close up shots of a bee or two

The weather in Wakefield today is very very windy

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