Sunday, 3 June 2012


This year is the second year my Red Haven peach tree has had peaches on it, It is around 4years old. however it appears to be the first year that they have stopped on the tree.

Last year I had 3 small peaches appear but they fell off before they really started to grow.

These are three close ups of small peaches. It is raining an awful lot here today so they are dripping with water. A good thing as we have had some quite good weather this last few weeks and this rain will water everything

small Red Haven Peach

small Red Haven Peach with a droplet of water

 I have noticed on the peach that the bark has great colour and texture

Red Haven Peach tree bark

There are one or two old branches that have been cut back previous years that really could have done with cutting back even further.

Red Haven Peach tree stem

There are loads of small peaches on here. I will have to remove a considerable amount of them before they reach any size other wise non of them will get very big. If I pick 5 or 6 of the best ones, they will hopefully make a nice peach size, otherwise if I leave them all on, none will amount to anything at all

Red Haven Peach tree

Weather today in Wakefield, England is cool and wet. It has been raining all day

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