Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Free Plants

Really happy this evening from a plant point of view. I have acquired a gourd plant and a pumpkin plant from Freegle. Which is great. Not sure which is which! and I have never grown gourd before, so it should be fun to see what I end up with. I love growing new plants

My Chives have started to blossom too. I have 3 groupings. I will let 1 blossom for the bees but the other two I will nip for flowers out

My chard has weathered well through the winter too and it looks like I might be having some chard to eat soon. This plant is growing at the base of my Denistons superb plum tree in a pot


  1. that is really nice Chard there. It is my favourite leaf veg.
    I gave you a small promo on my site to-day. You have inspired me to do some things differently this year.

  2. Thanks Reg, that is really appreciated. Can I ask how do you cook/eat Chard?

  3. You can eat it fresh in a salad mixed with leaf lettuce, but use only new small leaves. Or you can steam it like you would do with spinach, For a nice flavour treat you can add a wedge of lemon or experiment with a couple of herbs to find one you like. lemon thyme is great for this.
    Old leaves can be very bitter, But I always leave a couple on the plant for the health of the plant's growth.

  4. Cheers Reg. The wedge of lemon sounds very nice indeed. I tend to boil, I think I will try steaming some time.

  5. Steaming is much nicer. Leaves more flavour with in the leaves. I personally think too much of the good stuff (vitamins and minerals) go down the drain when you boil it.

  6. seems like I might be soon trying steamed chard then. I think alot of people lose the good stuff when boiling but I think it is common to over boil. My Mum boils veg for 30minutes!!! but she knows best!!! I say nothing. It doesnt get me any where