Friday, 30 April 2010

Raspberries in flower - Glen Ample

My raspberries are just starting to flower not bad for 30th April. These are a patch that I have in a bucket, well actually an old kitchen bin, but it works well with holes in the bottom.

This is my pot of green sage, I think I have some tricolour sage in the greenhouse which is also doing equally well. I have found I must put my sage plants in the greenhouse to over winter otherwise they die off.

Sage is great for adding to home made sausage rolls.


  1. O man sausage rolls, I know where I am going to have dinner!!!!!
    It would seem you guys are about two to three weeks ahead of us here. For us here we are about two weeks ahead of our normal. Normally I do not put much out till Victoria Day. This year a lot is already done.

  2. it was a Delia Smith recipe I used. Awesome is the only word to describe them. in fact, this is the recipe....

  3. Thank-you ever so much