Friday, 23 April 2010

Ribes rubrum Jonkheer van tets

I am so happy to see my red currant flowering.  They might be small and uninspiring but to me this is a beautiful sight. A very welcome addition to the plant

I also recently purchased a blueberry bush, although bush is a little extravagant a description. It came from Wilkinson's for £1.50. It was in a smaller pot and has been potted on using ericaceous compost. This compost is slightly acid and lime free and designed for plants like the blueberry. The plant has started throwing shoots out and appears to like its new home


  1. O wow Blue-berries, I used to take my kids to Oxford, Nova Scotia in August and pick Blue-berries all after-noon long. I lived in Halifax in those days. What a wonderful treat to pick them and then the pie or jelly that we would make from it. I miss those days.
    Here in Ontario now it is big business and all commercial. Just not the same. Still very good always.
    Side note my son used to tell people that he went to Oxford, people either where very impressed or did not believe him. Of course this only worked out side of Nova Scotia.

  2. I love blueberries. I've got two bushes and got a great harvest last year. They're so expensive in the shops too, so it really does make it worth while growing your own.

  3. @Reg, that makes me smile about your Son going to Oxford but also you used to live in Halifax. There is a Halifax just down the road from me not 45 minutes drive!

    @Jo. thats great, can I ask do you grow them in containers, I intend to grow this one in a container as they like acidic soil and also get another one as I believe they polinate better in pairs better.

  4. I grow mine in containers as I find I can control the conditions they favour better. They do produce many more berries if you have more than one plant.

  5. thanks Jo. I was going down the container line and your remarks have confirmed I am in the right area. I was however only going to grow one plant but I will now be going and buying another blueberry plant.