Sunday, 9 May 2010

Balm and Plums

My variegated lemon balm is coming on nicely. However every year for the last three, it always gets rust. so every year I cut it to the floor in a hope of getting rid of the rust. If it doesnt work this time. the plant is going

The plum tree dennistons superb is well past bloom stage and small plums are starting to appears


  1. O man the rust issue. I had a big problem with it but with Holly-hocks. I did just that. I pulled them all out of the garden and it stopped the spread of it threw the rest of my plants. Man I hated doing that, but it became a must.
    My plum tree is now doing beautifully with the leaves but as yet not showing how well the propagation was. I suspect it was a success as it was during some great summer weather, lots of insects daily.

  2. tell me about it. it has never spread any where else but this year if it does come back it is going. Glad the plum tree is doing nice. hope you get some plums this year.