Monday, 10 May 2010

Propogating Kiwi - Actinidia Deliciosa

Yesterday I was checking out the growth of my Kiwi plant that grows up the side of the garage and I accidently broke a piece off the main plant. No big deal as it is 8ft high already and growing very well.

However I would like to try and propogate the cutting. The cutting was about 6inch long with a small heal on where it was attached to the main stem. The cutting is this years growth.

I got a deep pot and filled it with general purpose potting compost. Got the cutting and removed the lower 4 or 5 leaves. I then dibbed a hole in the compost and placed my cutting in the hole.

I then watered the pot and the hole which then filled with  compost as the water ran away (as opposed to squashing the compost around the cutting) because I read "some where" this was the best way.

The pot has been left in a small container with some water in so it doesnt dry out

I have read that you can propogate kiwi in this manner. I have also read that the cuttings are best done in conjunction with using a misting unit too... To be honest, I will be very surprised if this will root but as they say. nothing ventured nothing gained

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