Friday, 21 May 2010

Goose gogs and Peaches

The apple mint as always is going bananas!!! it quickly grows and looks fantastic this time of year. I will shortly be cutting it back otherwise is goes a little to long and spindly

The gooseberries are coming along nicely. I have 2 varieties. a green cooker, which I have no idea what the variety is and a variety called Red Desert courtesy of Aldi. Red desert has some very nice plump berries growing and a green cooker has lots and lots of berries but they are still small

I think you tell the size difference from the photographs

And lastly my peach tree. The variety is Red Haven and it is grown in a 15 litre paint tub. It had one flower on earlier on in the year and is kept in the green house for the moment. It will be coming outside shortly as I want the greenhouse for other things.

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