Saturday, 22 May 2010

Anyone for another Apple

About  a month or so back I bought another apple tree, the variety is Golden Delicious, it was bare rooted from Wilkinsons. I did not expect anything from it this at all. However it has come out in lovely blossom. If I get any small apples appearing I will nip most of them off though so the tree is not strained

I have some tomatoes in the greenhouse that are coming along nicely, not as good as they could have been but not doing bad. The variety is Gardeners Delight. A small sweet cherry tomato

My victoria Plum tree is having issues today and I am not quite sure what is wrong. It has been a very very hot day here in Yorkshire. Gorgeous is a word I would use to describe it. the leaves at the top of the tree have started to curl. I dont know if plums can get to much sun. The pot is moist as I have been watering the tree regularly in the pot


  1. I managed to buy my Mac apple a few weeks ago, and like you I have no desire to let it fruit out at all this year.

  2. How are they doing Reg? have any flowers appears on yours or is it to early in Canada at this time. I am so pleased with the Golden Delicious, I thought it was a little late to be planting bare roots out but it has proved me very wrong.

  3. I am doing fine and my Apple finished blooming already, about a week ago. I bought one with only a few blossoms on it actually. Almost all fruit trees are finished with the flowering here in southern Ontario. but in the west it is in full swing. I suspect that we are now caught up with you as far as gardens are concerned. Example 31 o C to-day at the Falls.

  4. It sounds like it with temps like that one. Although round here it depends on the variety some are still in bloom and some and well and truely done.