Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Bees have arrived

I got some Bees last night!!! Very excited and very interesting driving from Newcastle to Yorkshire in a car shared with a few thousand bees (ablight they were securely housed in a hive)

A 2 hour drive to Morpeth , started at just after 4pm, turned in a 2 hour 40 minute drive after reaching a road traffic collision on the A1. 5 minutes from Morpeth.. but at least it was going and not coming back. Arrived just before 7pm

Once I arrived at the chaps apiary and one hour later after a good cal (chat) we loaded the hive in to the car (cash was exchanged) and the journey home begin

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, so before I set off, I got my bee suit and veil hanging down my back (just in case any escape from the hive on route to where I have sited my bee's) so I was fully prepared for any issues

5 minutes down the A1 I spotted in my rear view mirror 1 solitary honey bee, walking up my back window. Gulp....

However, she was the only one I saw all the way home, so no escapes just one that got trapped

Got home, unloaded the hive and put it on a stand. It was quite dark by now as it was about 10.20pm. I put my suit on properly now including veil up and gloves on. Took the tape of the front of the bee entrance and removed the wrag that had bunged the whole up.

Walked back to the car and got the torch and shone it on the entrance, the little darlings were already wandering out. Had a proud father moment

This afternoon, went to check on them and this was the sight that met me

Now I will admit this made me a little nervous. So I took a photo, that always calms things down and promptly left (after getting stung once, beekeeping I might add should not be done in shorts, t shirts and steel toe capped boots, as bee's do not like getting trapped in behind the boot tongue)

I then came home and rang Duncan from my local Bee Association (that I am a happy member of), he advised me this is known as bearding, it is quite normal and it is like you or I chilling, outside the pub with a beer in hand with our mates in the lovely afternoon sun, just to cool down. Well go figure. I will never look at my bee's in the same light again.


  1. The bees are so cool. O wow. I am deathly allergic to them, but I have never been stung in my gardens by them. I just show them a healthy respect and they leave me alone!!!!!! I find that pic of them hanging out (bearding) was really cool.

  2. It freaked me out too but did look great. Sorry to hear you are allergic to them. I have been stung three times since Saturday, twice picking them up and once just checking on them in my shorts, I show them a healthy respect to.

  3. I guess there is a lesson to be had about bee handling and shorts. Too funny. I was thinking on the bee on the rear window of your car, I would of frigged out. Just thinking one could be thousands any moment

  4. I agree about the shorts. never again.. hahahaa. As for the bee on the back window, that is exactly what ran though my mind, I tell you. I was sat there in my ford focus estate, with a bee suit on (no hood) thinking .. shit... travelling at about 60/70mph on the A1 south bound.. should I pull over now and put the hood up or wait till the others appears... I will wait... and I did wait and they never appeared. I was so happy. I can tell you. I have to smile now every time I think about it.. very funny in hind sight

  5. Thats a quality picture, I'm hoping to get my bees this year. Already have my hive and equipment, just need bees!

  6. it was an awesome sight in the flesh, it did look very good indeed. At the beginning of this week I have just given 2 colonies oxalic acid treatment for varroa, They both had lots of seems full of bee's which was great to see, very much alive and well fed.

    Good luck for when you get yours, have you ordered some locally? I see from your blog you have purchased a national hive but intend going down the TBH hive route eventually. cant wait to read your blog updates. Been to my local association this morning to help out with Winter duties which mainly included mending a burst water pipe, painting some hives and opening the bee keeping supplies shop , oh and drinking lots of tea/coffee, eating biscuits and talking bees of course.