Monday, 24 May 2010

The trees are showing more potential for bearing fruit

Below is a shot of the "malus jonagold" apple tree starting to show young fruit which has set. The little tree is covered in small apples. I will have to nip a lot off otherwise non will amount to much

The "Denistons Superb" plum tree is also showing fruit. Not a great shot as the sun is extremely bright but you get the idea. There are not as many plums as apples but enough.

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  1. Just looking at these pictures, I see we here are at the same point in the garden season now. I should take some pictures later and post my fruit trees and some other neat food stuff. I usually only post the floral. This will be a nice change. I am getting excited at my garden this years as a vegetable and floral garden. Even my corn is starting to grow !!!!! I did plant it it all way to close but I will let it all live!!!!!