Sunday, 30 May 2010

The North Wind blows

It has turned in to a very windy afternoon here in Yorkshire. Popped out with the camera this afternoon and found a couple of planters toppled over.Wisteria and Redcurrant

Found a little wild life in the garden to. Some baby spiders hanging around between a couple of dead plants

Also spotted lots of small apples on Malus Jonagold, they do look fantastic


  1. Wow I wish we had some wind , as it is we are in our tenth day of over 30 o C weather. The strange part to that is we only had 5 for the entire year of 2009. Stranger still it is still May. <meaning we might get one day but never 10, and then ten in a row. We are into very dry weather as well. My Gardens are sure telling of the weather and the huge changes for this year. Everything now is where it should be in about three weeks!!!!
    We Canucks love to talk weather!!!!!!!!

  2. 30c plus!!!! awesome. we had some good weather last week but nothing that warm, and that was also on the back end of a dry spell. It is still windy today and over the weekend has been lots of good welcome rain. I have to smile, when it rains here we complaint and then when it doesnt rain, we complain. I had to look Canucks up, LOL. ice hockey... right?