Monday, 31 May 2010

Love is in the air

To say I do not like Lovage as I just find it does not have a purpose. Lovage seems to like my garden as it is now standing at nearly 6ft tall. I wish all my plant experiences were this successful. It is grown in a semi shaded spot getting sun only in a morning, not bad really

This is another one of my many mints. Ginger mint. it has yellow variegated leaves, I had trouble last year keeping the leaves variegated but I found keeping it in the shade kept the yellowness in the leaf

The comfrey is still in the pot and is unlikely to ever get out of it at this rate, in my opinion it is not growing to its full potential in the pot and seems to only be surviving. I have comfrey growing at my Fathers and that plant is in full blossom

On a final note. a little but of raspberry blossom, this is one of the plants in the tub

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