Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Achocha... bless you

the  Achocha plant is growing very well. I grow have grown one every year for the past 3. The variety I grow is called "fat baby"

Shortly this will be planted against the fence, as it is an avid climber

Check out my Achocha growing guide here

I have planted my peas in a tub with some 6ft canes. This is Bijou variety. They are all growing quickly and I am happy with their progress. This is the first year I have grown pea's


  1. wow another great idea. I have planted more in pots this year than ever before and also for the first time I am growing veg. I even posted a few the other day. I am so glad I came across your blog when I did. It has influenced me for at least this year. That said I suspect for a few years to come.
    now I have to look up Achocha plant. I have no idea what it is yet!!!!!

  2. Achocha is a great plant as long as you like the produce. it is a veg, 2-3inch long things with spikes on. I fry it like bell (sweet) peppers. Glad you get some thing out of my blog. good luck with all your veg growing this year too.

  3. My garden has been more interesting this year because of the veg and herbs. I am looking forward to different things now. It has been long over due for a shake up. The nice part is the Garden on the general look has not changed much, but on close study there are huge changes

  4. I love growing fruit and veg. I just feel I get more reward for my time over flowers but that is just my perception. I think most garden I look, look nice in their own way, but I like to inspect gardens because like you say upon close study, what you find can be amazing