Wednesday, 2 June 2010

What a lot of Borage

I had to smile the other day when I spotted these and I had to stop and think what so many seedlings would be. Three years ago I planted a borage plant in the same spot, it came the second year, but last year it never appeared after winter. I was a little sad as it is a nice herb and the flowers look great. I am 99% sure these are borage seedlings. There are a lots of seedlings. I had read some where borage excelled at self seeding and I fully agree with that now, this is only one spot, there is another grouping about a foot away of equal measure

This is a shot of my actinidia deliciciosa "Kiwi" plant growing up the side of the garage. This will be its third year from seed collected from a supemarket kiwi fruit. It is well on to the roof now although this shot does not show that to well


  1. I have to laugh when I see your Kiwi. I always thought that it was a bush type plant and I would have never guessed it was a vine.

  2. LOL, well I have to admit till I grew one I just could not have told you anything, one thing that made me smile is that they are cold tolerent to minus 30 degrees C (per internet research), It hit -15C here over winter and it proved not issue to this plant, I assumed they were tropical plants

  3. same here, Wow I can grow that here as well. We get to -20 o C and that is about it. I really must give this plant a try. I will have to wait till next year I would think now.

  4. Reg, if you want to do it on the cheap, then buy a kiwi fruit from the shops and plant the seed from the fruit. that is how I got the above plant, but a name self fertile variety is best

    on my website there is a guide on growing the seeds and shots of seedlings. take a look. I would have a go this year. I would not say it is too late.