Sunday, 16 May 2010

Raspberries - Glen Ample - In a bucket or not

The rasps are coming on great guns. I have two lots, both are the variety Glen Ample, one lot is in a bucket pictured below and did not get cut back last year as they did not fruit. They are full of bud which is awesome and new shoots are coming up from the bottom

Below is the second spot with rasps in. These did fruit on all canes last year and so got cut back to the ground, well 6 inches anyway. They are very much alive and growing quickly, but no bud. There are also lots of new shoots appearing from the ground in true raspberry fashion.

Just a quick shot of the rhubarb patch. Awesome is the word and the word is Awesome. I am very proud of my little piece of England. Its needs some manure though. That is a job for the coming weeks to make sure it stays in pristine condition

Last couple of days in Yorkshire have been beautiful sunny days and all plants are growing well.

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