Monday, 17 May 2010

It is still cold outside!!!

I noticed this week after Emily pointed out to me her spuds had suffered windchill/cold temps on a night time that the kiwi has took a bit of a nip and so has my Victoria plum tree

Actinidia Deliciosa, 3yrs old grown from seeds

Victoria plum tree

and finally the greenfly on my gooseberry bush is being beaten back in style by a friendly ladybird (or as the Americans say ladybug... I think)

I dont use any pesticides in the garden and this is why.


  1. Yep and we Canadians call them Lady Bugs as well. There is type that we do call Lady Birds and they are a Chinese type that are nasty little guys. Closely related to the one you are in reference too. These Chinese guys actually bite people.
    We had a cold spell here in the Niagara Region as well but no real damage some places manage a touch of frost, but not us.

  2. I dont think I would like a type that bites me, I can live with them murdering greenfly. no issues there. We have one called a harlequin ladybird which is an immigrant from China or some where like that, it breeds likes nuts, kills native ladybirds and generally isnt very pleasant, I dont think that bites people but could be wrong. Fingers crossed by the end of the month that will be it for cold weather at night till Autumn time again.

  3. I think we are on the same page with this Chinese bug. different name but same problem. They are killing out our native species as well. And do they multiply. They are house invaders for the winter as well you can get hundreds coming in and moving in. I have not been bitten by these but a lot people claim they have.