Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Borage, bugle and other oddities

The Bugle (Ajuga Reptans) flowers have now dropped off but this appears to be the time went it starts to grow and quickly. It is spreading all over and in every direction. I should have moved it now as it is moving in to the strawberry path!!! but it does look nice. you can see strawberries to the right of this picture with red strawberries on and some raspberry leaves to the left side

The Borage seedling are growing to. They are partially shade by the rhubarb plant, the wall, the very small apple tree and a fern, but that doesnt seem to be stopping them at all. I dont think they will show flowers this year but hopefully next. If they keep getting larger, I will be transplanting them to near my bee hives as they are good bee plants

The bare rooted apples tree "Golden Delicious" that I bought not so long bank and planted at the front of the house has fruit on it!!! I am amazed. Purchased from Wilkinson for £5, good value. I know I need to remove these fruit but I dont really want to.

Weather report - Really hot and Sunny all day ,Wakefield, England . The gorgeous would describe it well


  1. Come on there GardenerX you can remove them. I did mine with my eyes closed. It only hurt for a short while!!!!!!! Next year though, those babies will get eaten by me!!
    By the way you are so lucky. My Mac Apple cost me 49 dollars CDN. You got a great deal for sure. I believe that would be about 23 Pound UK

  2. LOL. you are right Reg. I will take em off. I have others. as for 23quid WOW. but it is a good investment

  3. Thanks Kalena. but Reg is right. those apples need to come off. I am going to do it in a mo and take a picture.