Monday, 21 June 2010

Fruit trees are fruiting

The fruit trees are growing very well indeed and all have fruit on. The Malus Jonagold apple tree has approx 20 apples on. There was more apples but I have took some off so not to over load the tree

The Victoria plum tree has lots of plums on, and I have thinned some out. As I want to discourage biennial fruiting (not a great shot)

The Dennistons superb although had lots of flowers on has only about 6 plums on. but what is on there, are looking good

Weather report - Really hot and Sunny all day ,Wakefield, England

Of note, checked the beehive tonight with a Pro who will remain nameless. Essentially there was no brood (baby bees), oh shit! So the pro took my hive/colony away and will requeen her for me. I should have the hive back in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed


  1. Your trees are at about the same point as mine. I love the plum. I was looking at mine to-day and I have several weeks to go till I enjoy them!!! But it will happen soon enough

  2. I am so glad that I am not the only one that checks their fruits trees out. I cannot wait to try them.

  3. hahahaha, way to funny, Some here think i have become a little strange. Actually my big thing is checking for problems. But so far so good this year no problem yet.

  4. hey, at least I am honest.. LOL. I was telling some of the folks at work today about checking my plums out.. I got some odd glances I can tell you. I expanded on the remark then. LOL. as for strange , thats just a perception.

  5. way too funny. I would have looked a little strange at you as well if I heard that you say you were checking out your plums. I am slow at times so I might have missed it!!!!!! Which reminds me I checked mine out this morning!!!

  6. Glad to hear it Reg. I hope you were happy with your plums to this morning ;-) LOL