Friday, 11 June 2010

Buzzy bees every where

Planted the Achocha Fat Baby next to the fence and it looks fantastic, I am very happy with it. I have 5 others in 1litre pots though and I dont know what I am going to do with them

When I planted the achocha in its "usual" spot, I noticed all the self seeds from last year produce that didnt get picked. Not to big but they are growing and growing very well. I will monitor to see how they do

Lots of the Bees in the garden this evening, spotted maybe 9 or 10 seperate bees. They were on the raspberries "Jonkheer van tets", the chives and the Catmint "Nepeta Racemosa"

Pulled a radish "Oriental Rosa 2" tonight. It tasted well like a radish... superb and peppery, this one was grown in a tub, pulled out as a smooth as a hot knife through butter and a quick wash from the hose and it was ready

Weather report - sunny day, Wakefield, England, lots of bees in the garden tonight. Dont know which type of bees but not honey bees.


  1. Growing Radishes in tube sounds really neat. I have never thought of that. It actually looked really nice

  2. O I meant to mention thanx for the visit to my blog and I am really excited about my veg and herbs. I take it that the bees you seen where not yours. I hope that success is on the way with them. I was happy to be able to buy raw Honey comb in Toronto last week. It is so nice to have in the kitchen

  3. The radish was very nice, I would recommend tub growing if you dont want to dig your garden over or are limited on space. they tasted great and they planted in last years tomato compost so they were cheap to fill tubs. They weren't my bee's, mine are about 13miles away next to a farm. The honey combs sounds great, I have never had raw honey comb but I hope that will change maybe this year but definitely next. I am still amazed at your blog photos to, I know you say you have a high quality camera but still they are excellent shots.