Thursday, 10 June 2010

The Bushes are getting bigger

The blackcurrant bush I bought last month is growing very nicely indeed and shows lots of signs of life. The variety is "Ojebyn". It was little more than a stick when purchased with some small whitish buds on it and that was all

The redcurrants "Jonkheer van tets" are fattening up and I am just waiting for a little colour in them now

I had a bucket in the greenhouse and a potato leaf sprouted earlier on in the year, so I left it and it is now outside. I have no idea what variety it is but it is doing very well. Fingers crossed for some spuds.

Weather report - Windy and a little rain but mainly dry, Wakefield, England


  1. I love currents of any kind and here are two, just getting ready for the picking. Very nice. My Potatoes are doing well also. They where going to be thrown out and I decided to plant them at the last minute. I am so glad I did

  2. hope they taste great when you pull them Reg. I am really looking forward to emptying that bucket later on in the year