Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Arguta and lillies

My Acitinidia Arguta is growing quickly. this is a very hardu kiwi variety that produces small grape sized kiwis that are reputed to be very sweet and tasty. fingers crossed. It is still growing in an old flower bucket and stands at nearly 4ft now. at the start of the season to say it was a small very thin dead twig is an understatement

I have a water lily in my half barrel pond, the first flower has appeared

Weather report - rain all day, Wakefield, England, a very wet day indeed, Raining in South Kirkby, and been to Selby this evening and wet and raining there to


  1. Nice to see the water lily. I have them in my pond and I love them. They make the pond look picturesque some how. at the moment I have a few blooms, and like all things I wish the flower would last longer.

  2. I agree about the picturesque bit, to say it is just a half barrel it looks fantastic with a lilly in it and some bugle lapping over the edges. to say I plant fruit and veg I am surprised how many blooms I have. The chives look great, loads on them. I have some cat mint that seems to be in flower for ages and the rasps also still have flowers on them. just