Tuesday, 8 June 2010

New kiwi seeds have arrived

2 packets of kiwi seeds arrived today that I bought plus an extra free one. Actinidia Melandra (or melanandra as some sites refer to this variety) and Actinidia kolomikta and the free packet Mini Lobata Jungle Queen. I have no idea what the last packet is. The seeds were purchased from an American nursery that posts to England

I do not have great hopes for the seeds but will plant them and see how I go. kiwi seed can be a little sporadic on the germination front and there is 10 seeds per packet. Fingers crossed anyway

I have finally planted out my albion strawberry plants to in to a square ish shape

The kiwano seedlings are growing very well. not sure though if they were started to late in the season, time till tell

Weather report - mostly rain all day, Wakefield, England


  1. I have to get the Kiwi next year, I have become fascinated with it.
    Your strawberries look wonderful. I hope they produce well for you

  2. I'm interested in Kiwi too. I know there are some hardy types that should grow where I live.

  3. @ Reg, fingers crossed on the strawberries, Looking over the plants they look full of strawberries. so I will be happy if I can beat the birds to them

    @Melanie. most type of kiwi are hardy to -30degrees C, that is very cold and will over winter in most places. you can buy a named variety that if it is self fertile will produce fruit or grow one from seed out of a supermarket purchased fruit but it wont produce fruit as you need a male and female to get fruit unless they are self fertile.

  4. Wow that is really good to know. It would seem that I will have to do some research on this one!!!!!!