Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Comfrey looks sad in its bucket but still flowering

The comfrey is starting to come out in flower, although I would not describe it as a happy looking plant in the bucket

The goji bush is very slowly growing. If that ever gets over watered it doesnt look happy but although slow it is growing. I do need to put it in a larger bucket soon

the rocket and parlsey are growing very well. The rocket plant is 2years old this being it second summer, it is very peppery but very nice to eat

To say we have had quite a bit of wet weather over the last week, I noticed my tubs were really dry tonight (they got a good watering) specifically the plum trees and gooseberry/currant bushes

Weather report - Sunny all day and generally really nice, Wakefield, England


  1. My parsley was a dud in the end. Something ate right to the ground. I was disappointed. Still every thing else is doing well

  2. The plant in that picture is in its second year so it will flower this year and then die. It should shed enough seeds though so new seedlings will appear next year if I dont weed them :-/ by accident

  3. I had comfrey in pots for years - it doesn't really thrive there (unless it's a wet year), but it does survive :)

  4. now that I am growing it in pots. I know exactly what you mean. I think I going to have to put it in an area of the garden in the ground as it is a very bee friendly plant I believe and would like to keep it successfully.