Friday, 23 July 2010

fruit salad

Havent posted for a while but here goes...

This is the Malus Jonagold apple tree. It is still in the 15litre ex paint pot and has 20plus apples on it and stands at no more than I guess 4 foot. I am very happy with it as long as the apples develop to full size, the soil is always moist and i have been feeding it bone, blood and fish meal

My grape vine is romping away (unknown variety), this is planted in an old flower bucket from a supermarket. It has 3 bunches on it that were nipped out earlier on in the year so there were not to many grapes in each bunch. I have also cleared away any foliage that covered the bunches so they get maximum exposure to sun. I am also growing two branches out. one on either side on to wires, which are hard to see here

2 bunches here

The raspberries have been doing very well this month. I have had loads of fruit from my bucket of rasps and the front garden, the plants are still yielding fruit

Happy gardening

Weather report - pleasant, sunny most of the day but not to hot ,Wakefield, England


  1. Nice to see you back with a new post. The veg looks great. I really like your apple tree. Now that looks healthy.

  2. I think out of all the garden, I like the apple tree the most simply because it is some thing I have not seen many of before, IE trained around a frame. I have seen them on the internet but not up close and personal.

  3. I seen this done by pros in France. They where exceptional. More so just beautiful. many designs where created with this style. Better it sure saves on space. I did a fun thing with plum when it was young and I twisted the main Trunk over a period of two years. It is growing out now but still visible. I should post it.

  4. If I can get my hands on another short apple tree or any fruit tree, I would like to do a step over tree. The apple tree I have trained was less than 12inch when I first bought it and it cost about a fiver.