Sunday, 25 July 2010

Some up and some downs

A bit of a disappointment this year was my gooseberry bush "red dessert, earlier on in the year the plant had lots of baby gooseberries on. The trouble is, they never got any bigger, just turned red. I am fairly sure they should have got a lot bigger. I believe the pot they were in was to small for the plant, so I think the plant did not get enough water during the growing season. It has now been moved to a larger pot

Pea's - Champion of England. This is the first time I have grown peas and I am very impressed. I will be seed saving some of these pea's as they taste great and have grown very well in a pot. I have some others called Bijou. They are mange tout peas and I am equally as impressed with these plants to

limnanthes "poached egg plant" - After another blogger "Flighty" mentioned these plants. I thought I would try them. They are very quick at growing and produce very nice flowers. I will be growing these again next year as I find the flower very attractive.

Weather report - pleasant, sunny most of the day but not to hot, a bit of wind though - Wakefield, England


  1. I remember as a kid I was the young one that actually loved Gooseberries. We had a green variety and if I remember correctly they where the size of grapes. I have no idea any more what my Mom made from these, strange how time erases some things from memory.
    limnanthes "poached egg plant" I have heard of this plant but I have never seen it, It is a great looking flower

  2. I had to smile, I was not impressed with the gooseberries at all. very small and bitter. but with in about a day of this shot the birds had took the lot. not one left. well done to them. I did not want them.

    As for the limnanthes, one of the little surprises of the year. some thing I did not plan on growing but when I did I am quite impressed. it is a lovely flower, apparently it is a hardy annual and will come back again next year with lots of self seeds I hope

  3. I have a huge amount of work to do in my garden. It has been so hot and muggy. I hear that is the same in Northern Europe as well. So I just let every thing go for the time being. Nice thing is my Plums are just about ready but like your birds and Goose berries. I am dealing with bushy tailed Rats!!!!. They will end up with the big prize this year

  4. It is always strange, some times you look else where and think the grass is greener, now that I have heard about your bushy tailed rats, I am quite happy with house sparrows and blue tits stealing my gooseberries. strange that ;-). as for being muggy over here. well today in Wakefield it is quite a pleasant day, not to hot, not rained yet and not windy. I am seeing eports on TV of Moscow though having a heat wave, it is in the thirties, when it should be in the low twenties but they are now having big problems with smog due to forest fires. Look quite unpleasant on the TV reports. I do love blighty ;-)

  5. I have seen the same reports on Moscow. It sure must suck living there at the moment!!!

  6. yep. I look and see and think I love England.