Sunday, 8 August 2010

A big update.....

Havent posted for a few weeks, so here is an update on most plants in the garden and one or two developments

the poached egg plants are growing very well planted underneath the victoria plum tree. it is full flower.

The Achocha plant "fat baby" is growing quickly too up the fence but I thought it would have made more coverage by now so I am a little disappointed.  It does have flower starting to show

The self sown Calendula has lots of growth but only a few flowers. there have been about 6 or 7 so far but there are more buds showing too. It is hard to tell on the photograph. This pot is entirely self sown from I think one plant last year

As I started blogging today, the cat was keeping a close eye. His favourite position is on the desk. nice and in an unmanly fashion quite cute I suppose

This is a shot of the lettuce "Chrystal", it is a nice tasting variety but it is sown as a pick and come again variety, I kind of is but it has started forming very lose heads but I can still pick individual leaves. We are looking after a tortoise at the moment and he or might be a she absolutely loves this stuff!!!! I am feeding the tortoise, lettuce, chard, chives, strawberries (see later entry) and rocket (all from the garden). The lettuce and strawberries win hands down.

 I have 2 plums on the Dennistons superb plum tree and these are 2 of those fruit. They look the part and I cant wait to try them. There are lots more on the Victoria

A little bit of wildlife has appeared in the garden in the last couple of weeks. 2 adult frogs have populated my half barrel pond. I am very happy about this as they eat slugs. On the whole the wildlife with in the garden has been greet this year with lots of different type of hover flies making making an appearance and plenty of birds on the feeders  

These are 4 cuttings I have taken from the red desert gooseberry bush. I took 4 8inch cuttings. stripped the leaves of the bottom 6inch and stuck in the ground. Apparently this is the right time of year for taking this type of cutting and only time will tell if they are successful. watch this space as they say

 The grape vine in the greenhouse is growing nicely. It is still in a flower bucket and I am training it along a wire or two, you can also see the grapes in this shot, which are still very firm. I do not know the variety if the vine as it was a seed grown by my uncle who passed away in 1973 I think before I was even born. This is a cutting from his original vine. I have had the grapes before and they are very nice when ripe

 The kiwano plants are doing nicely. The shot on the left is one plant in the garden. The shot on the right is two plants in the greenhouse. The green house plants have small kiwano on them as can be seen from the bottom shot. I am still very unsure if they will make any sort of fruit or not.

 This is the kiwi plant "Boskoop " i have moved it to a larger pot and it looks great. I think though for it to do really well and produce fruit it needs to go in the ground. I am still pondering that one.

 These are my raspberry canes "glen ample" I have had lots of fruit from them this year and they tasted delicious. I think I enjoyed them more than the strawberries which is saying some thing. They will be getting trimmed back shortly

 This is spare beekeeping equipment I have been aquiring. There is 6 brood boxes here, a lid and 2 floors, 1 solid and 1 varoa, hopfully it will all get used next year. fingers crossed.

 Planted a couple of buckets a couple of weeks back. They were 2 spuds that had sprouted in the bag, so hopefully I will be having new potatoes for Christmas dinner. when it starts to get cold, I will put them in the greenhouse for extra protection

These are an alpine strawberry "Mignonetto" is the variety. I am very impressed with them as they are still producing lots of small tasty strawberries. I love picking them before I go in the house after coming in from work. I have also found that the tortoise loves strawberries.

The june bearing strawberries that I have are producing runners. Any with any roots on are being removed and potted on in the bottom half of 2litre milk carton pots.

This is one of the 5 I think tomato plants I have outside. This variety is called "green Zebra" and get this, they stay green, well they go a little yellow when ripe but still more green than yellow.

Weather in Wakefield, England today. nice, not to warm but not cold and sunny. a great day really.


  1. your gardens are looking great and with a lot of success going on every where. I am on Vacation in British Columbia till Thursday so I can only guess what is happening at home, with my gardens.
    Stop by my site and see a little bit of England in Canada. It is about the City of Victoria.

  2. just had a look at your Ruby Tuesday posts. The city of Victoria looks an fantastic place to visit, really great. You should do their tourist board photos. Loved the historical houses and the municipal buildings. I do smile. I dont think it is very English at all. We dont have wooden houses but I dont know why as they looks awesome in Victoria.

  3. Those wooden houses are actually house boats. It is so cool to see them like that. They are unusual for us as well. there are a lot of streets in Victoria with brick or stone sided houses. Now a days though most are being built with siding of some variety, but that is every where.

  4. even more amazing Reg. they looks absolutely fantastic. they look so grand and well, un-boat like.