Monday, 9 August 2010

Bugle grows very well indeed

Last year I had some Bugle "ajuga reptans" growing in the front garden. I noticed how well and quickly it grew, so I put some round the rather barren area of my compost bin. Nothing seemed to grow there except bits of grass. It is very shaded, so I didnt know how well the bugle would grow. As it happens I need not have worried

The below shot was 2 plants last year!!!! WOW and BLIMEY are two words that spring to mind

 So I has planted some in front of my greenhouse door as I want a plant carpet there, There are 7 or 8 plants here

At the moment I am also in the process of taking strawberry runners and potting them up... for more strawberry plants. This variety is Albion and it is a very prolific runner creator

Weather in Wakefield, England today. Cool but not cold, has looked like rain this evening but none so far. No wind. Great day really


  1. Your carpet Bugle or Carpet Weed is doing fantastic. I love it in my garden. best of all it is so easy to control. I had a great crop of wild strawberries this year and really enjoyed them. I just buy the domestic varieties and mix them in.

  2. it is and I am really happy with it. it was a little bit of a surprise hit with me this year. it just covers unsightly areas where other things dont seem to grow to well. so thumbs up/ Great to hear about your straws, glad they were such a hit. cant fault you with just getting local varieties either. they would I imagine be best for your weather and soil.

  3. absolutely the best way I think to grow them totally natural types and there is no fuss at all. What is even better is that they taste so much better than the big varieties.