Thursday, 12 August 2010

Mange Tout is the only French I know!!!

I have tried growing pea's this year and Mange Tout variety called Bijou and I am very impressed with them. They have grown quickly and are producing an abundance of crop. I have never grown this before and planted approx 8 seedlings in a large pot. As you can see below lots of pea's

I purchased a blackcurrant bush earlier on this year from Lidl. well a barerooted stick would describe it more appropriately. The plant is growing well and I have high hopes of getting blackcurrants next year. The variety is "Ojebyn"

The next fruit bush that is growing nicely, is my blueberry bush variety "Goldtraube" It was purchased as a half dead just growing plant from Wilkinsons and it is coming along in leaps and bounds. I dont think it will make a large enough size to fruit next year but who knows. Watch this space.

Weather here in Wakefield, England today has been pleasant, bright and sunny with the occassional showers.

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  1. my peas did not do well this year at all. It became to hot to fast for them as it turned out. Still I managed to get a few. The worst for me was my English Cucumbers. That was a disaster all round, then my Tomatoes got hit with the Tomato wilt. so that went badly. Even my Brussels Sprouts are not doing well either. For them it was way to hot as well. I am hoping that in a couple of weeks when it gets cooler they will still take off as they do prefer cool temps. We have been hitting constant 30 plus temps for months.

    Funny how bad conditions can be good for some one else. We here suffer from the pollution from the USA factories. Since so many of their plants have shut down in the last couple of years. We are actually enjoying very few Pollution days not like in the past summers. Still it is stinking hot but we can breath the air at least.

    Sorry I have not visited your site lately but I just have not been home. I still have use of a computer but when on holidays that takes a distant third!!!!