Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Spuds for dinner

This is a bit of a late post as I did this on Sunday....

Popped the bucket of spuds out, once the stalks had died off. There was 1.5kg of spuds washed.

Shortly later, they were peeled

Once cooked, they were on the plate

Here is home grown roasted parsnips and roasted beetroot from Dads garden. Roasted spuds and boiled spuds from the bucket. Frozen peas and beans. Smoked ham on the side. Gravy to be added shortly.

These are the new spuds put in for Christmas. This is the first time I have planted them for Christmas, so I am curious how they will fair. When frosts threaten, they will be put in an unheated greenhouse.

Apples look better than they are. They never got very large at all. I believe I left to many fruit on for a small tree to grow. Lesson learnt I hope. They taste good but still need a few more weeks to ripen fully.

Weather here in Wakefield, England today has been pleasant, brigth and quite warm. but nights are now quite cold. Last couple of evenings there has been heavy rain

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