Thursday, 23 September 2010

Looking round the garden....

Checking round the garden...

The Achocha "Fat Baby" has grown lots in the last 4 weeks and there are now produce on the vine ready to pick. Will have to take photo and post the little things as they are interesting to look at

I cut down the Jerusalem Artichokes yesterday to the floor as they were hitting 10ft on the door and aiming at falling over. When I dig them up I will post choke pictures. Strawberry runners are in the background and hedge trimming in the fore which I use for mulch

The grapes in the greenhouse are starting to ripen. Wippeee. I was worried that they wouldn't ripen but they are starting to become translucent and I have tried one or two and they have a hint of sweetness about them.

Weather here in Wakefield, England today has been wet and rainy. Nights are cold.


  1. Id be ever so interested in seeing what the Achocha "Fat Baby" looks like.

  2. I will charge some batteries up for the camera and try and post either this evening or tomorrow. they are interesting to look at to say the least

  3. Those grapes look fantastic.

  4. they are starting to taste fantastic to. I am very impressed at how good they have done.