Sunday, 26 September 2010

What does Achocha Fat Baby look like?

Due to a request to see an achocha up close and personal. Here it is

This first picture is 6 fruit/vegetables/ not quite sure and a 1 pound coin for size comparison. I fry them like peppers or they can be used in a stir fry I am told

1 plant can be very productive although this year has not been as good as previous year for production 

This second shot is the inside of a Fat baby achocha. showing the seeds. They are small and black and very fertile. I tend to put 4 or 5 seeds in and 4 or 5 plants out.

Weather here in Wakefield, England today has been cold and windy. Nights are cold.


  1. I found it to be a difficult year for achocha - the garden was windy when they were trying to get going, and the spells of dry weather didn't make them happy either! Onwards and upwards for next year :)

  2. I am glad it wasnt just me (sorry) i still grew an awful lot but just not as much as last year or the year before. Still very productive. Your right though. there is always next year. Bring it on

  3. These are so cool I have never heard of these. They sure do look interesting though. nice to see you back. I had computer problems so I have not been here for awhile. I am interested to know how your bees are making out!!!!

  4. Great to hear from you again Reg. I had missed you posts. Glad you got your computer problems sorted out. Hope all is well in Canada.

    They are funny to grow. the vine goes rampant and the produce, well very odd. tastes nice fried. I think i like it best because it is so easy to grow. Call me lazy.

    As for the bees. Well they are doing great, I have 2 colonies and a cast (a very small swarm that I got about 6 weeks ago) at the moment. I have been feeding them so I hope they have enough food for the winter. They are still flying though and still bringing in nectar. I will get some piccies and post a blog entry though with more details on.

  5. wow I am looking forward to a post on the Bees. I am headed to Toronto and then to Oshawa, Ontario to-marrow. I hope to post a few pics of Toronto on Sunday. (if my computer holds up) I hope you take a gander at them. I will not be stopping there, but will be driving past the down-town.

  6. O every thing is fine here in Canada. To-day we get our new Governor General. There is snow in the west in some parts already, Calgary had snow the other day. We will not see that here till at least Dec. maybe January.

  7. Enjoy the journey Reg. I will definitely be taking a peak at your great pictures. SNOW!!! crikey... No snow here but quite damp weather at the mo. Bees are still flying, which is great. We might not see any snow at all but then again might gets loads like last year.