Friday, 17 December 2010

The garden is being raided !!!! even in Winter...

It is always nice to have visitors in the garden and that includes the squirrels that have recently been paying my bird feeders far to much attention.

I have tried to make it more difficult for the little beggars to get the bird feed but this one is sharper than the average bird feeder provider (me that is)

Success. What can I say. You can just see at the top of this shot that there is wire wrapped around the feeder and the hook, that's because these squirrels can unhook bird feeders so they smash on the ground!!! this feeder is a new one

I also left some apples on the tree to. only 5. They have got frozen.

 but some thing is eating them and I dont think it is the squirrels either

Thanks to Michelle my girl for the shots on EOS 450D (I think)

Weather in Wakefield today, very cold, frost on ground this morning (inside of car windscreen frozen) and fairly bright


  1. This is so great. The squirrel story. They are so smart and never give up. I have an over abundance of them. I do not feed them but most of my neighbours do. I do enjoy watching them. I some times leave fruit out in the winter for some birds. One does need to be careful as things like apples will ferment and the birds will get drunk on it. Actually rather funny to see but sadly they are pron to get into serous trouble.

  2. Can I just say I dont voluntarily feed the squirrels. As for the apples. I never knew that. in that case they will be pulled shortly and composted.