Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow every where

Just a quicky to record the snow we have had here over the last couple of days.

The snowing coming down on the 30th November 2010 at around 2330hrs from my bedroom window

This next shot was from this morning (2nd December 2010) in Wakefield at around 0745hrs

It has been a little treacherous driving to work but steady away and I get there. The snow is most beautiful and looks awesome.

Weather in Wakefield today, cold, very little snow fall and fairly bright


  1. It has been a while sine I have been able to get to my blog. I have been away for a time. Anyway wow snow there in England, I have seen that on the news. Here in the Niagara Region we just had our first snow fall on Dec 7th. Then only a 2cm. However in London, Ontario they had 2 meters of the stuff

  2. Reg, it is really good to hear from you. Merry Christmas. 2meters WOW... I feel very lucky then, I dont think where I live we had more than 12inches. My folks who live about 15miles south of where I am had around 24inches, max. As for you having your first flakes amounting to 2cm, will you get much more than that? Through ignorance really, I thought every where in Canada would get loads of snow.

    The worst now is ice on the back roads and on the pavements. Real pain but it is starting to thaw now.

  3. Some areas of Canada, such as Vancouver, and Victoria will go threw an entire winter with out snow. To-day and to-marrow here in the Niagara Region we are having rain!!!!. Some years in Halifax the snow is only on the ground for a few days threw out the winter. However... !!! Most of the country is like what you would think snow from November till March and 20 below 0.

    By the way Merry Christmas to you and yours. this Christmas Season

  4. O the last few years we have had hardly no snow at all. Some years though it can be over whelming. So far this year we just had the one small snow fall and that is it. We get the weather that comes up from the gulf of Mexico so things can look very different than what we even expect

  5. I never thought parts of Canada would get only a few inches, that has surprised me. Fortunately the snow here has now virtually gone. had a bit of damp weather and the temp has gone up a little and it has just about melted. I love snow but the compact ice afterwards frustrates me when in town walking.

    Snow or not though Reg, from what you say and the images on your blog, your part of Canada does look and sound like a great place.

  6. Wow thank-you for the great part of Canada comment. It actually is just that or so I think any way. All said though i am so partial to Nova Scotia, which is as the name implies just like Scotland in so many ways. Halifax is what I call home although it is a fair distance from here.

    The snow is gone from here as well. Toronto is expecting a huge snow storm to-night but I believe we will miss it. That city is actually 90 km due north of me.

    I actually managed to post on my Blog for the first time in a month, but it is Christmas stuff !!!!

  7. Just read your blog Reg. it sounds just like here (and great photos as always). We had sleet and snow yesterday which never settled plus a bit of rain. Very very cold over night and really good frost this morning.

    You look all set for Christmas, Same here. nothing outside but got the Christmas lights up inside and cards and a few decorations. We aint gone down the Christmas tree route though because we have two cats and they have historically used the tree as an advent assault course, interesting to watch but frustrating after a month !!!

  8. I used to have a cat so I know what you are saying about the tree. Lots of fun though. I was going o up lights on my Junipers in my front yard and I even made the effort to get them ready, However that is as far as i got !!!
    So now it will be a next year project !!! We are having a very cold night this evening. Just sucks but we have hardly no snow. The last stuff is completely gone and so we have that much back again!!!! All good no shoveling :)

  9. this last couple of nights here have been exceptionally cold. I think this morning it was -8 in Wakefield and that was at 8am. When I got back to my car at 4pm the damn windscreen had frozen over again and I had to scrape it down. That is the first time in 5 years of parking that thats happened!!! Better luck next year with the lights.