Saturday, 9 October 2010

More bees

I have been to see my Bees at my out Apiary today. Here are a couple of shots that in my opinion look beautiful.

This is a picture of a super frame with brood in it. Supers with frames inside are usually put on top of brood boxes and usually only have honey in them, however due to an interesting turn of events earlier on in the year, this hive has the brood in the super.

You can see sealed brood in the middle of the super. Sealed brood being larvae that will come out as bees. The bees on this frame will be nurse bees that are looking after the young eggs and larvae by keeping them warm

 This is where the above frame came from, you can just make out the honey comb in the frames on each side of the gap

Weather in Wakefield, England today was cool but sunny and bright.


  1. This is all so fantastic and the best part is I am learning something as well. How much better can it get !!! Any way I had no idea that the hive would look like this post and the previous from the inside. The weather here has been very summer like for the past few days so all good from my point of view.

  2. It is so much better to see it live to. The pictures dont do it justice. The bees are still flying well at the moment. It is a cold night tonight but when I came home this afternoon they were popping in and out.

  3. Bees are so amazing. I joined the Bumblebee Conservation because I was so enchanted by them, but also to ensure their continued contribution to our existence.

  4. congratulations. thats great to hear. honey bees are much smaller than bumblebees but they both live in colonies and both produce honey. Have you got a bee nest in your garden? they are supposed to be very good for over wintering queens.

  5. can I also add that at the moment in Wakefield, Yorkshire, England, it is very very cold and snowing outside at the moment so my honey bees are not flying and they are huddled up in the hive in a warm ball, nice and snug