Saturday, 5 March 2011

Bait hive

I have made a bait hive up using the information on McCartney Taylor's website here

Whats a bait hive? basically a box that you put some where out of the way in the hope of catching a swarm of bees in Spring and Summer or Autumn.

This bait hive box will hold 6 national frames ... just

The bait hive, note the hanger on the back with a whole in it to hang on a nail in a tree if required.

This is one end of the box with an entrance whole drilled in approx 28mm wide

inside shot of the box showing the inside hole. In hindsight I should have made the box deeper and had the entrance hole beneath the frame bottoms, in hindsight I have read in a couple of places bees prefer this.

Inside shot again. The length is just slightly longer than a national frame, then I nailed 2 pieces of wood on the inside for the frames to hang on. If a swarm does colonise this box with the frames inside then the will put brace comb between the frames and underneath the wood that the frames hang on but there is worse things in life. this box was made up on the cheap with salvaged wood.

Box with 6 national frames inside, note the end one. it doesnt fit correctly. Bad measurements?. I am annoyed as I measured 6 frames and then added the depth of the side wood on and cut, I think where I went wrong was that the frames I have added inside are not the same one's I measured for and frames from different suppliers/manufacturers can be slightly wider/narrower.

1 frame removed to show old comb that I am using as a lure.

the entrance whole is the right size for birds to get in so I have pinned some wire horizontal and vertically to deter them

The design for this bait box was inspired by Taylor McCartneys website, Cheers Taylor.

Wakefield today is damp and cold.


  1. Looks good. I may be getting my hands on some more beekeeping equipment soon and then would have a spair brood box. I may use this as a bait hive and cross my fingers. Hope you have luck with the bait box

  2. cheers, I hope it performs as well as it looks. Good luck if you get some more kit. One of things about baits boxes though is it helps if it smells of bees so it would be better if your spare kit was second hand

  3. The kit i'm getting looks to be 2 fully assembled hives that were used for 2 seasons and a flat pack hive. The person unfortunatly had to give up due to a severe allergic reaction.

  4. one mans loss is another mans gain. thats a shame but at least the hives are being used again. they could make ideal bait hives if they already smell of queens. good luck with them

  5. Wow this is fascinating. I would love to this as well but Allergies to bee and wasp only makes me appreciate from a far!!!!!

  6. I just hope they work, fingers crossed I get at least one swarm.

  7. Cheers right back at you. Glad you built a swarm trap. How did you do? Catch any in the last 2 years?