Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Kiwis are sprouting

Both the kiwis are sprouting new leaves which is great to see. This is the actinidia arguta I think the variety is issai. It is still in a pot but looking well

Growing round the door bell to

This is the actinidia deliciosa which was grown from a seed, this part of the plant is in shade but there are leaves breaking out much better further up on the garage roof

Wakefield today is warm and sunny and gorgeous.


  1. This seems so unfair. You have plants leafing out already. We here were snow free until yesterday and man did we get a good storm yesterday 20 cms of snow now we have the cold as well. Still all said there are violas in bloom under the snow and the tulips, and the such are growing.

    I am looking forward to my stuff starting to grow like yours in about two weeks or so.
    Have a great evening over there in the great beyond!!!!!!

  2. Hi Reg, good to hear from you, hope all is good in Canada. SNOW!!! the thought horrifies me at this time of year!! the last few weeks here have been Summer like to say the least. quite warm and really nice days. It is good to hear you still have some flowers out there though even though they might be under snow. 2 weeks will pass very quickly and you will have loads growing in the garden and another gardening year will have started.

    Having a great day so far, been to a queen rearing seminar at Harrogate, so now looking forward to a nice quiet evening. You have a good one to.