Saturday, 26 March 2011

Fruit trees are sprouting new leaves

A couple of shots below. One for the "Victoria" plum tree I have in a tub and the second for the "Jonagold" apple tree that is in an old paint pot.

This is the "Victoria" plum tree (hose pipe and car cleaning brush in the background)

This is the "jonagold" apple tree, This is being trained as an espalier and is still in a 15litre ex paint bucket. I think this year I will upgrade to a larger bucket of some design

Both showing signs of plenty of growth. I have added some bone and blood meal tonight to feed them

The weather in Wakefield today has been pleasant but a little cool


  1. Your plum is looking good. Mine always blooms for my Dad's birthday and that is on April 21st, same day as the Queen's birthday. It makes such a great show for the spring start up. Sadly in a way I am not a huge fan of plums, but I have neighbours that really enjoy it, so it never goes to waste. Mine is a Burbank Plum, a Japanese variety.

  2. I have no idea when the bloom comes out of mine. I know one is a later later than the other. When it arrives it arrives as long as there are some blooms. Plums must be one of my favourite fruit, absolutely love em. Well at least your good neighbours will get some thing out of it even if you just enjoy growing your Burbank. I'll expect to see some of your great pictures on your blog when it blooms ;-)

  3. Give me three weeks and they will be here. It has always bloomed out for April 21st. But there is always the fist time. I hope it is not this year !!!!!

  4. So have you got some bloom Reg. mine has well and truly bloomed and gone.