Tuesday, 26 April 2011

My Kiwi is blooming, blooming marvelous

Well I have waited 3 years from buying my kiwi  plant "actinidia arguta issai" from Aldi I think and I think it is starting to bloom. it is still in an old Morrisons type flower bucket and I still dont know where I am going to put it this year but I must find some where.

I dont know how many buds there are but I reckon may be 40 plus and the plant is about 8ft tall and growing rapidly.

I have started to feed the plant with a hydroponics solution feed that I had left over from about 3years ago. At the time I tried growing tomatoes in a hydroponics set up with plant feed from the hydroponicum (this is there website) I had mixed results, generally positive but at the time I thought I could have been better. I was inspired at the time because I had been there and it was great fun.

My next plant in flower is the wisteria "prolific" again it is still in a very small plant pot (may be a 2litre pot), Again this need finding a permenent home but I think it has started flowering. Awesome. I love wisteria flowers so they will be good to see.

Both plants are about 3years old, I cannot remember exactly and both are looking healthy.  I need to find them a permanent home the trouble is though that down the side of my garage I currently have a rose, another kiwi, a passion flower, a grape vine and 2 clematis, non very big but all taking up room.

This is the rose. I have been trying to kill it off for the last 4 years with no success. I think it is a wild rose. As I seem to be a total failure on the rose murder front I accepted defeat and put a trellis up, the bird feeder has always been there and I will say the birds seem to appreciate the rose being there for extra cover.

Wakefield today has been cool compared with the last couple of weeks, a short rain shower tonight dampened the ground and over all very pleasant


  1. It has been ever so dry and sunny this month in shakey Wakey. Have been out watering garden everyday. Not complaining though, have really enjoyed been outside! Dandelions are loving it in my garden. Picked the lot the other day and 2 days later there was just as many again. Oh well. I find them quite pretty before they go to seed!

  2. before I started bee keeping I was never interested in them but I will say all I can do now is think fantastic, early forage. they are early i think this year but they do look great and the bees love em. it is nice to see them on the road side when the grass isnt cut to short. much better than just grass.

  3. Roses can be pretty resilient in my experience too...

  4. I can only agree Gift plants, as the rose is doing really well and has even flowered.