Saturday, 30 April 2011

Red Haven Peach produces in third year!!!

The title is a little bit over the top. I have two small peaches appearing so far. (I counted 5 flowers a month or so back). this is the first time any fruit has appeared on the tree since purchase (acquired from either aldi or lidl)

The peach is a red haven and is still in a 15litre ex paint bucket. It is kept very well watered and this is a picture of a baby red haven peach

This next shot is of the family frog. Last year we had two in the half barrel pond in the back garden, so far this year we only have one (and no frog spawn seen earlier in the year either) but there is always next year.

The strawberry plants are all in flower. In the rear garden I have some June bearers and a perpetual (or ever bearer) called Albion. This is a shot of Albion. In the front garden there is also the June bearers growing, the ones at the front only get sun till 11am in the morning but these are also in flower and produce nice strawberries. My short guide here on staking strawberry runners

the weather in Wakefield in the words of Bernard Matthews... "beautiful" or is it "booooootyful"

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