Sunday, 1 May 2011

Flowers in the garden

The chives are always very reliable on producing flowers this time of year. I have 2 clumps at the moment, one in the garden in open soil and these in a pot. Flowers and edible. you cant beat it.

This is my blue berry bush and boy is it small sat in a 5inch red plastic pot but with this amount of flowers I might eventually get some blueberries. I have layered a stem in to another pot just to the left on the picture, I layered it back end of last year and intend to leave it this year in the hope it will root. This variety is called goldtraube and is self fertile. It is planted in ericaceous compost (acidic compost) which blueberries love. I have a second blueberry plant variety bluecrop which is also self fertile. Although they are both self fertile blueberries fruit better when 2 varieties are present.

The last flower today is a blue iris, well not quite in flower but nearly there. I have just potted this in to a larger planter and it is situated next to the half barrel pond. It looks natural in my opinion.

the weather is Wakefield today is warm and sunny

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