Monday, 2 May 2011

The vine is showing some shoots

The grape vine that was in a bucket last year and gave me 3 (I think) bunches of grapes has been sunk in the ground at last. I dug it in during the Winter time whilst it was dormant and very cold. I also split it in two as there were two main stalks coming out of the bucket. Both plants are doing fine now and growing.

This is main vine, shaped in to a V shape so I can have a stem down either side of the greenhouse attached to a wire. During Winter before being split I removed 90% of last years growth back to the main stems.

When I planted it in the ground it got lots of bone, blood and fish meal thrown in and mixed up. The only down side to my greenhouse is that it is in to much shade. no choice about that sadly.

This is a shot of the second vine in a tub. I will find a home for this plant. The variety has no name as the original plant was grown from a seed by my Uncle Peter in the early 1970's. It does produce nice grapes though

Check out my full endeavours with this vine on my wiki

This is my second vine. The variety is "Boskoop Glory" and was developed in the Dutch town of  Boskoop in the early 1900's. This variety is black and recommended for growing outside in the UK. It stands at about may be 4ft tall at the moment as the other 4 ft got removed due to mould growing on it. Seems to have done the trick as it is showing strong shoots.

Check out my wiki entry here on my endeavours so far at growing Boskoop Glory

The long term plan is to grow it along a strong wire towards the house and have it growing along the front of the house on more support wires. Well that's the plan.

the weather is Wakefield today has been warm and sunny


  1. Just a note to say I am back. I have a lot of reading to do on your blog. Much to learn. I am fascinated to see how you are making out with your bees
    reg from Canada

  2. I did not notice the date, I hope that one day you take this up again. I left it for a year

  3. Hi Reg. hope all is well in Canada. I will be starting my blog again this year and including my bee endeavors to. Regards Chris