Monday, 11 June 2012

11 degrees C and flying bees

It might be cool but they are flying, 11 degrees C and 8pm. It has been cool all day at South Kirkby but this colony is very active. Shame it is the feisty colony as well.

all the other colonies were quiet at the front and nothing flying in

I popped over to my Leeds apiary, that is near to a small ditch. It is maybe 5ft-6ft below the apiary. Today due to the very heavy rain fall last night it was nearly level with the apiary floor. It wont I hope get any higher as firstly their is a pump house near by that should not let it and secondly if it reaches the same height as the apiary floor there are miles of fields around that it would also flood, so getting any higher would be quiet difficult if it did , the hives would be ok.

This is a shot from about 8 days ago. You can see the ditch at the back. This is the nearest colony. The ditch is a lot fuller now. I must try and get a shot of the ditch full up.

Wakefield, England, has been cool all day around 13/14 degrees maybe. no rain but generally dull.


  1. it has been a few years and just wondering how is your bee experiment coming along.

    1. Hi Reg. Good to hear from you and Happy new year. Hope Canada isn't to cold and life is good. The beekeeping is going great. 30 hives overwintering at the moment. I checked them at the weekend and they all seemed good but so far in England the weather has been mild, it's just starting to get cold with freezing temperatures this week.

  2. And you've prompted me to even do a post. Cheers Reg